Paisley has an amazing story to share. Let’s tell everyone…

The places we come from and the people we meet along the way and share our lives with, shape us.

The new Paisley.is destination brand (www.paisley.is) is about telling Paisley and Renfrewshire’s story to the world.

We want people to come and visit us. We already know what a special place this is – we want them to experience it for themselves.

We want people to choose to spend a day here, or choose to spend the rest of their lives here – to jump on a train to Gilmour Street and visit Paisley Abbey, or to buy a house here and put down roots.

We want businesses to make Paisley and Renfrewshire their home and bring jobs with them. We want people to study here – whether they are travelling from across the world, or from down the road – and like it so much that they choose to stay longer.

We want people living here to feel a sense of pride when talking about their place.

This is our place. And it’s made up of thousands of individual stories, with new ones being written every day.

Share your story

Your story could be in the form of a postcard from the future, a photograph, a poem, a drawing. It could be an idea about a new place where arts or entertainment happens. It could be a story of your family history that’s never been told. It could be a big show, idea or event that you’d like to see come to the town and be part of. Every story and every idea is important to us.  

We are gathering all of your stories here, sharing our collective story with the world. And there are so many ways to get involved:

submit your story today

- email us at hello@paisley.is and tell us your story

- use #paisleyis on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and your story will be pulled onto the social wall

We might use your story or idea to help tell the story of Paisley and Renfrewshire.So get involved and let’s tell our untold stories to the world!

Tell us your story